Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Women only post

I am obsess. Hated to believe it and have been feeling guilty and depressed for lack of time to hit the gym. And my eating habits have changed,,,To much chocolate,,candy,,chips and soda..( Diet Of course},,and light beer. I need to cut down on all and go back to my breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt instead of egg+bacon +cheese sandwiches of extra bacon and cheese,,and mayo,,this I eat on Saturday morning. I need to call Jenny Craig. I feel all the weight I gained and it sucks. Another fun thing I think my body is starting to go thou is the M word...truly a change from youth to OLD. Perhaps there was a in-between phase but I can't recall it now. They say as you get older the weight is harder to loose,,,and it is true. All my friends think I am skinny or just right,,,,but when I dread putting on clothes,,it is not because I crave to be a extribitionist,,,it is because my spandex jeans have stretched to the limit,,,and I refused to by a larger size. Tonight at the "home" there was a more friendlier staff,,,I took my PT. to the bathroom and I got on the scale,,and checked my BMI,,,I asked the aides if they knew the what the healthy BMI should be. After I explained what BMI was,,they wanted to know how to program it into the scale,,,all they were taught was how to take the patients weight. They were only taught how to put a person on the scale-minus the weight of the wheel chair,,and get the weight. I taught them a new thing. Yikes something else that comes with age,,,wisdom. A blessing and a curse all in one,,shit. Next week it is back to the gym,,,starting on Sunday...My schedule is to full to go there now unless I pencil it in at 5am,,,which means I would have to get up at 4am,,,that's not going to happen. At night I don't get done till late and by then I can't wait to get home,,,so definitely by Sunday diet changed,,,and gym more often. Oh this shot is not me by the way,,,It is not even how I feel. I never gain weight in my boobs,,,not even my ass,,,it seems to just land in my gut. I think this photo is fixed. It was sent as a email,,,of " Cool Sunglasses". It has to be photo fixed,,,if not she needs to start a collection for reduction,,,very gross. Can't imagine any guy liking that sloppy mess. She could fling them over her shoulders and have boobs in the back,,,or use them as ear mitts for her self......GROSS-----On that note- Happy Trails!!!

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