Monday, February 12, 2007

Too much fun in 2 days

Boy have things been fun, hectic, and busy. I am glad in way that the week is over and look forward to just working,,and eating less. This past weekend I have eaten way to much. And Rushed way to much. Thursday and Friday I was very busy doing the 'new' route,,with the case changed like 4 times since I started to TRY and learn the lay-out. Get things ready for my mom's party. I bought a lot of decorations and my sister midgy bought these festive looking center pieces for the center of the table. Katie and Anna put up all the decorations and the place looked awe sum. I bought 15 large Helium balloons and 6 bouquets of flowers and put them in numerous spots along the room. Milly bought carnations and also had them around. It looked like it was professionally done,,very festive. No invitations were sent out,,,just by word of mouth friends and family were notified,,I think there was close to a hundred family members there,,All my brothers and sisters and their families. Most all the first cousins on my Mom's side. One second cousin on my Father's side,,,That we just met for the first time,,,very cool. Milly and Midgy picked Mom up with the pretence that {J} was cooking a turkey dinner at our club house. She was so tickled pink and surprised. My one sister gave her a frame with digital pictures that change every few seconds,,,it was loaded with great pictures of us kids and her brother and "Bobchi",,and my Dad,,also great aunt and uncles that have long gone.The party went way into the early morning of Sunday--We left at 1am with promises of we were all getting up and going to church and breakfast. I dragged my but out of bed,,,called a few family,,,some could not get out of bed,,they had the "bottle flue" 14 of us made it to church and breakfast,,,,which lasted to 12;30pm,,,I had to take mommy home,,change my clothes,,and my vehicle and get to the Retirement party of a co-worker., by 2 pm,,,35 miles away,,,ugh. The picture is of his truck he used for 26 years on the route,,,someone made it into a for sale sign photo--very funny,,,it had 12+ new brakes put on,,,many fuel pumps..numerous exhausts,,plus a lot more things. It has many dents,,many scratches..and no right side rear mirror. My truck has had the mirror off 4 times already-{J} keeps putting it back on. It was a nice gathering,,of course our postmaster was invited,,,and do to her respect of every one,,,she didn't bother to show up. I thought that was pretty crappy of her. Numerous times this guy has showed her how to do her job,,and answered all of her management questions so she didn't look like a fool. We did have a old postmaster their,,,he and his wife came,,,great guy. He said he doesn't know how she gets away with all she does not do,,,and all that she does. He would have been rich if he could sell realistate on government time,,,but actually she is not even good at that,,,I don't think in all the years she has been there,,,she actually sold any,,,I wish they would bug her phone and see how much time she actual does spend doing postal work,,,they could save them selves a lot,,,more than cutting clerks and not hiring more RCA's. Anyhow the party was great,,,he was very happy. After that at 4;45 pm,,,,I raced back to yet change again and go to a family pizza party. I picked the place,,and it was great,,,,everyone loved the food and it is only 15 minutes away from my brother's home and he never has been there. I got home at 8pm,,,Very happy I might add and this week it is back to usual,,,I am so ,so happy,,just the usually racing for me,,,And I get my GYM time back Yippy,,,It is a beautiful Monday here in the NorthEast,,,,Temps in the 30's. And a picture perfect Sky-Blue day---Enjoy---Happy Trails!!!!

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