Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More of my yadda-Valentines

Today,,,I raced threw the day with anticipation of a real nice crazy Northeastern approaching. Here we are in the middle ,ok sorta like the begin of February, and here no trace of snow,,well barely. Not enough to build a snowman. Or even drag out my X-country skies. My little sister has had snow already..,,wounder if she got to throw a snowball,,,or if she made a snow angel. She hasn't told me if she did. As you get older some at times dread the weather. I want to approach this storm with all the wonder it has to be. I prepared my self by---Sleeping a good 12 hours the night before,,so I could stay up late,,and see when it comes. As I child that waits to hear if their school is closed or if worse be it,,a few hours late. Me as a adult that I am,,or try to be,,,Never ever hear the news say---All mail carriers and subs can remain home and enjoy a cup of cocoa on us for the day--aha' wait,,,I am not scheduled for a tour of delivery...ok on the morrow I wear another hat---with 2 patients to go,,,I get the word---One son calls and tells {J} that I don't have to go,,,he is home. And on the other case,,,the other son shall do the job for me---YIPPIE,,,,,A totally free day. And the topper--It is Valentines Day. Usually I forget about those things. To me romance and love should be shown every day to those we love,,,not just on Valentines Day. If they are shown every day when the special day comes they can then be made special. To me sometimes buying a card is hard,,some of the words are true,,,but some are not. As I read some I think about the day before that I might have asked you to go somewhere or do something and think of the hassle that I had to overcome to get it or there. For to morrow I want it to be a special day,,,but I want it to last longer than a day,,,I don't want to have to ask and explain why,,,I guess this comes with being in a relationship over 20 years. Seems like we grew up together. We were kids when we started,,,you were 17 and I was 16 ,,now you are 47 and I am 34,,,,It's funny how that happens. So on the morrow,,,,I shall wake up looking hot--(night sweats do that),,,my hair will be going every which way,,,and you shall say as always " What's up with your hair,,,and laugh" And I will say doesn't it look nice? And moon you as I go to fix it. Who shall fix who breakfast---humm, I bought yogurt,,,and there is eggs & bacon for you. I hid my yogurt covered raisins,,,but I might break them out for a treat for you---God knows if I didn't hide them,,,,you would have ate the whole bag and saved me 2. Now they can last a month,,,before I toss them because they are stale. After we deal with the snow,,,me shoveling, because I like it and you remind me what good exercise it is; and how now I don't have to go to the gym. I plan to just hang around the house,,,,make you a great Pork tenderloin dinner with apples and onions in a port sauce--Rosemary red-potatoes, and garlic fresh green beans. And I hope when the day is over you will reflect upon the true meaning of the day and not think....I got her a dozen red roses,,,white chocolate that she loves,,and a diamond tennis bracelet,,,,and all she gave me was a card, and decorative candle holders for the picnic table in the summer that match the camper we have. What he doesn't realize is he has me,,,my love,,,and how I make life fun. Ok,,enough of the mushie crap that cupid never really did find...it was all of Hallmark and the almighty $ that keeps the holiday going. For the morrow,,I will finally have "Snow Shot's". I looked all threw my pics...I must have over 200,,on pc {yes it runs slow},,,and none are of snow,,I have taken lots of shots over the years put have none from digital or scanned in,,,so on the morrow I shall have some. This pic in the shot was taking on the cruise,,,it was just before the sun Fell into the ocean,,,or so it looks. There also is a ship passing,,,probably around 20knots away. The ocean I think is the only highway that is not crowed as the roads and the sky is. Given any hour of the day or night you can look up and count the planes passing by---look on the news or out your window as you are traveling---numerous numbers of traffic,,,on the ocean that I traveled 1000's of miles on,,,I think I say perhaps 3 or 4 ships way off in the distance,,,,one was a cruise that I could tell and another was a Dole ship. Also I saw no fins---no whales--no dolphins,,,,maybe I didn't spend enough time looking out. Next cruise I am sleeping out on a lounge chair,,,and going to keep watch. Enough of my ramblings,,even in writing I ramble on,,,But one story always leads to a next. {J} just told me to GO TO BED,,,lol,,feel like "Father Knows best" but he is right.....Must know I need my beauty rest---Happy Trails-----Happy Valentines day!! XXOO


Ryan Velting said...

I will read the whole post tomorrow when I have more time, but just had to mention minute that the photo is very very beautiful.

Helena said...

Thanks Ryan,,I need to learn to stop my Yadding soon,,,I tend to ramble on,,and on and on,,LOL