Thursday, February 08, 2007

Draft for knekkid Thursday, complete

I remember taking this shot,,,but now as I look down on the little thumbnail version of it,,,I can't figure out whose other foot is in it with me,,,perhaps as the bigger version uploads I will able to tell. Yesterday I went out to my friend {A's} house to do my house hold technician job before I went to my other home care job,,and the PO. I was telling {A} what a great time we had on the cruise,,and about my favorite Island Tortola. She told me when she got divorced a few friends and her rented this great Villa up in the hills there,,looking out on the ocean for a year. She had such a blast going scuba diving and enjoying the island,,,kinda made me wish I got married so I could have done the divorce thing that so many of my friends experienced.Well the other foot appeared,,I can't really see any nail polish on toes,,,so I am going to guess and say Johnathon. Yikes the time passes me by,,,I shall finish post later it is 7;15 am,,,I gotta run for now....With boots on!!,,,I am now back to the same spot I started my day- But now it is the end of another day,,Today's circle is almost complete. My day was hectic,,2 box holders,,made it back by 4:55,,and with out any complications. I think I am starting to like this route. Of course when I got back Linda put up the new labels,,,and it's like freakin learning all over again,,,also they are putting new labels in on all the routes,,,so much for a easy Saturday. I can't believe Anna Nichole Smith is dead,,,I know I spelt her name wrong. She just had a kid not to long ago,,what a shame,,,some are saying overdose,,what did her son die of last year? I think he was only 20 years old. Check out this link--- - Grant it the video is funny,,,my timing I am sure is way off. ////On to other thoughts before I fluff my pillow. My sister made it home safely from the south,,,and dreading the weather. She should be up where Midgy is,,,then she can see winter at it's best. They have snow up in Rome, NY. I heard on the news today,,,just a half of a hr. away up in Pulaski they are getting bombarded with lake effect snow,,drifts up to 14 feet high--a truck could get lost in that,,,even a house. And here just 2 hours away we at spots have a dusting. Not enough to ski in,,or make a snowman. I am lucky,,,Hope it stays that way...I am ready for the boating season again. {J} captured a great pic of the Coast Guard cutting the ice,,I'll post that soon. I think preparations for" My-Mama"'s birthday is all set. She is going to be so surprised. I wish for her sake it was earlier in the day,,but I am pushing to get done and home and ready by 6pm. Looking forward to all the cool shots I'll get. All my siblings will be there. And close cousins. And a cousin I have never met,,,it's going to be so cool. My Mom is going to be 80 years old,,,don't know how many more parties in her honor we will have,,must cherish every minute. My Dad died when he was in his 60's,,,that is young. I know he looks in on us,,,and we all miss him. A lot of times when I dream he is in them,,Wished I cherished more of the time when he was here. This weekend there will be a Mass for them both,,,I think Midgy did that,,,It is going to be nice to go to the church where we grew up with and be part of it. I think it has been about 10 or so years since I was in side of it- Looking forward to that. For now it is dream time--Happy Trails!!!

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