Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sh*T,,,PMS again,,ugh

This was taken on the tail end of my route today. It was such a pretty site...the sun was just atop the mountains getting ready to tumble down the other side,,and I captured a few good shots. I missed a great shot of a mature Eagle sitting on a bare tree today,,after I spotted IT,,{Male/Female?}...I turned the blazer around and it was gone. The weather for winter was great today 37 it hit. Oh, How I wished I was off and skiing the fields and hills. Saw one person cross country skiing,,,and she looked like a beginner,,very Leary in moving forward. When I used to go out with a few friends years ago we used to have such a blast, joking and falling, making snow Angels. If we came upon the beauty of the sun coming through trees like this we would stop in the awe of the beauty. On the morrow we are going out skiing, it will be me and Linda...maybe her hubby,,and kids,,,and I am sure the pooches will come. Some how dogs and skiing don't go well.....your picking up speed and wham a dog gets in your way. I have tried taking Bingo,,but with his protectiveness,, and thinking he should be the only dog alive, I had to keep him on a leash,,,numerous times I would have to untangle him from me. {J} tried it one time with me up in the mountains,,,and his first time,,,he really didn't like it,,,A lot of the times I wish he was different,,,I love him for he is,,but at times I really feel like I am missing out on things,,,like walking and making out on the beach....slow dancing,,dirty dancing because he wants to,,,not feeling like he has to. I try to look at all his good sides which are many,,,today I came home to a nice clean house,,,but memo on the fridge has underlined clean up after your self. Now when he was working,,,and I was home,,he used to come home to a clean house,,,and a nice meal that he loved, and ate. Things have changed over the years,,,we grew up with different idea's of how and what makes us happy.{As I stated before,,,I was 15 going on 25 then,,,he was 17,,going on 2} And at times we take each other for granted,,I try not to do that, but I know I do. At times I feel like he is my "family",,,I find the lover and affectionate person in him a million miles away....times I think he has lost the zap he once has for me,,,he finds me less interesting than before,,but yet he treats me as family and that bond continues and another morning and day has sprung,,,we go doing our things that we do daily- no spontaneous blast to say..."hey lets screw it and take the day off--it's more like--"Next Tuesday at 11:47,, lets go to Rhode Island till Thursday at 1:33pm. Perhaps the hours and minutes boil down to when I am available,,and how my schedule is,,,,If I was rich per say,,,or he and I didn't have to work--wonder if things would be different,,,I think the love and adventure would always be there,,,but the romance and feeling like a girl, women or sexy in his eyes has diminished---perhaps if I stopped peeing with the door open that might change...............{PMS moment},,,what do guys get,,,{DFDT} moment,,,Dick Feeling Down Time,,,Or Nascar-Football withdraw? Things that make you go HUMMmmmmmm.....Happy Trails!!!!!!!!!!!!

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