Friday, February 16, 2007

Just thinking

It's kinda hard to picture all of this thawing in a month or so, and the water being warm.What looks like could be a sandy beach,,,is a snow covered one,,and the river is loaded with ice. Right now the only boat you see occasionally passing on the river might be a barge,,,but they seem to pass when I am not looking. I love the North East,,but I think I would love it more if I just visited it for a month,,,once a year. If I was rich,,I would rent numerous houses thou-out the year and leave in each one a month. I would have a Northern home,,,near the Ocean in the summer...In spring I think the Carolina's,,,at the end of summer and before the cold set it ,,,I would find my self near the Black Hills in Dakota. In the dead of winter I would be in a tropical place. It would be interesting to just once live in all these places. And I guess when you have been to all of them,,,and traveled much more,,,you would be glad when you finally got back to the place you call home. My little sister has had to make home with her family in numerous spots,,,from the warmth of Florida,,,To Minnesota...and then to Long Island,,and back to Minnesota,,,now NY....I am sure she will finally be glad to find a place to finally be home,,,where her grand kids can come. I can remember years ago when I was planting a garden,,,and I didn't want to plant asparagus because it took to long to grow to a nice bed---5 years. I thought maybe I won't be here then,,,If I planted it then,,,I could probably have sold enough now to pay for my second home---well as long as I am dreaming,,might as well get to bed---Happy Trails!!!

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You post some neat pics,,,but you ramble on ...and me a call-Lucy