Sunday, February 18, 2007

3 more mini marshmellows "please"

Wow,, can you believe another day draws to a close. And I missed most of it. Today being my only full day off,,I took advantage in sleeping....dream world was a bit interesting to say the least, I like when I remember them and can try to analyze them. Dreams are like a movie,,or many,,and I dream in color. Certain parts of them I can mention,,other parts fall into that erotic part that I like to keep to my self. One part of one dream I was in my blue flannel night shirt,,{ I know,,not the most sexy,,but hey it's winter in the North East,,and warmth over trying to look sexy for the opposite,,is on the back burner}...any how,,I am barefoot and running up a hill to capture some cool photo shots,,and I get to the top of the hill and I know I need to go down it,,to reach my destiny,and take some awesum picture shots, ,,but I stop--I am scared...not so much as scared of fallin,,the fear I felt was if people were to see me,,running down a hill-barefoot with just the flannel shirt on--no panties,,,in the snow,,to take pictures. Perhaps it bothered me because it was out of the "norm" and I didn't want to be judged--very strange part of my dream. I went to bed late last night,,,and stayed there till after 11am. As my Mom would say by the time I got around to doing anything most of the day was gone. I did manage to go cross country skiing with Linda and her son. The poochies had to stay home...they are getting old and hard of hearing. Her son is getting so big,,,I can remember a few years ago going skiing and having to wait for him to catch he blazes the trail. I didn't get to ski last year...lack of snow and lack of time,,so this was the first run--Going up hills was a challenge,,,but fun,,you got to use your arm mussels and your thighs,,,going down, was another story,,,I haven't figured out the "snow plow" motion to stopping,,I have developed a new style---I just try to sit,,,going 30mph makes it a little tricky. I figure the most meat I have on me is my but,,,It helps cushion the impact,,,{J} said I should have just stayed home,,,I will hurt my self,,LOL,,,well the bruises shall heel...looking forward to the next warm day off to do it again,,,30degrees is all I need. The morrow brings temps in the teens,,,to chilly for me......{Trying not to yadda},,,but the news just came on and they are saying right now it feels like 10 below,,,thank God I am home,,,warm and comphy..........Happy Trails

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