Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More things that make you go hummmm

A picture of my Baby,,,I don't mean to brag,,,but I have very cute pets. And they are extremely smart. I love German Shepherd's,,their whole disposition. I like when he sits and I talk to him he moves his head and ears as if to say.."Spekin de Deucht?". We were going to go away this weekend coming up and takin the baby,,but for some reason { J } wants to now stay home and go to the movies on Saturday night.I have no idea what is really playing,,,that we could compromise on. A funny movie clip I see is about these few guys that go on a bike road trip,,,but I am sure the most funny parts are the ones we see already in the commercials. And actually the movie looks kinda Corney. Instead of going to the movies....my perfect evening would be to rent some flicks...pull out the couch bed,,,and watch them in the comfort of our own home,,,and watch some thrillers or suspense ,,or some love story {porn}.... Here it is Tuesday night and I am planning for the weekend,,,a sign of I am getting boring and old,,ugh. Years ago it was planning what we were going to do on the morrow,,,or the night. Or not planning and just doing it...Life gets funny as we get set in our ways---I even took meat out of the freezer for Thursday already,,the spontaneous part is the vegetables..the next few days for me will be very busy,,doing the mail and trying to make it to the "home",,,on schedule,,,one of my favorite Gents that left "our" floor has returned,,that part saddens me....the home really is not good for the one-on one...I really try to think positive,,,but nursing home are more or less like Zoo parks for our Geriatrics,,,everything is always right on schedule,,,meals- showers,,,,I see no spontaneous,,,or value of life. I watch how the aides correspond with the patent's and I want to smack them at times,,,ugh this one young,,,aide,,I want to say in her 20's,,it's just a job for her,,she seems to act snooty to the residents...numerous times I hear her say..." so what's your problem",,,and the attitude like they shouldn't have a problem or emotion. Yesterday I went there and 10 or so patients are all in the dinning room looking at a TV that's not even freakin on--lights are half lit as if it's nap time in kindergarten,,,I am sure all the people have depends on so no toilet time is necessary,,,it is like they are stripped of any dignity they have. Gosh how I wish I could make a difference. This is only one home--and I realize it takes a special person to take care of them in there when do to financial reasons,,,or lack of family..or know-how. And I see a lot of different people that come to check on family members,,,they stay perhaps 30 minutes,,,,they patients are happy to see them....{ Finally a friendly face },,,and all is good,,but even the family doesn't comprehend,,or want to know. My one sister who works for a hospice group down south ,,once told me,,,most every other race or religion takes better care of their elderly,,than us Americans,,,now that's a real freakin shame. We worry about Aides in Africa,,,and the poverty in other 2ND and 3rd worlds,,,we caterer to the homeless,,{ well not actually,,but we do try to provide}....We have all these causes that we fight...why not start at home,,,and take care of our own elderly and handicapped...or mentally challenged,,. I try my best each day to make it easier for my fellow human,,,if all would do this,,,wounder about the trials and trails the other before we speak ,,a kind word does go along way...{SHET...{Spelled for a reason} But I rambled again. And gossip falls under the category of this,,,nothing good can become of spreading stories,,,or repeating----{ Gandhi sister},,,Happy Trails!!!

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