Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Day

They day just flew by for me. I got up at 8am,,,and I had to do the mail. Usually I am there after 7am,,,and I knew I was going today,,the alarm went up and I just reached up and turned it off. Frantic to say the least when I did get up,,,I needed a shower--and what was I going to wear,,ugh. The truck needed gas in it,,,{ J } likes to give me it empty,,,so the gas is fresh I guess. He did make my lunch as I was showering so that was a great help. I arrived a little late but quickly caught right up....I am good,,lol. Managed to have a nice day out there,,,saw a Bald Eagle even. Got back after delivering and cased a bit. I still had to get up to the "Home",, I find my patient always the same since the first 2 weeks she has been there,,she gets very frustrated being alone all day,,,yes there is lots of other people in various stages of dementia,,,no stimulating conversation all day till I arrive,,,after 10 minutes she is fine,,,a sweet caring lady. After I left and was almost home,,,her son called me,,,They want to start sedating her at 2pm every day. I was pissed. She just needs one on one...not sedated and stuck in front of a TV,,,she is 96 years old,,,these should be the fun golden times. I voiced my opinion to him,,,he will discuss it with the other brothers now. And they will find a suitable answer,,,If they give permission for her to be sedated I need to resign,,,I am to look out for her best interest,,and if can't be done,,,I need to step back and walk away,,,I did all I can for her. It really is a very sad situation. I would never let my Mom be sedated to make it easy on the staff.Well going to chill and hopefully get to bed,,so I can do it all over again--Cheers and Happy Trails

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