Thursday, February 22, 2007

nekkid thursday

Another foot shot,,,But look further down the beach,,not sure if the nekid picture of them can be seen in this shot.,,humm or even if there is one,,,might be a frigment of my imagination. When I took this pic,,my family I think they were use to me focusing my camera,,and when I told them,,,I am taking a shot of your foot,,they were like...Whatever,,,so this is my big Brother's foot. To me photography is like a art,,,The foot looks sorta tense,,if it was relaxed to the max,,,it would have been leaning some what,,,but that is just my theory on it. As I look at the rest of the photo, I recall the the memories of that Island. We rented a bunch of beach chairs,,,and my one sister and her hubby rented jet ski's. We all took turns going out riding,,,,As usual I was scared,,,kept thinking a big shark must be looking for his next meal,,,and when it was my turn,,,I requested we go slow,,,and close to shore,,,How boring. I think if I was driving and in control it would have been different. It's funny but I always feel the need to be in control,,,it's my way of being safe. Today my one sister called me 3 times from the cruise she is on,,,and each time I wasn't able to hear anything,,,I know she is having fun,,,but yet I worry. Soon she shall be home. Next year we are all going again,,,I wonder if she misses us now. My little sister is coming down this way to look at houses next weekend,,,I think she tried to lay a sorta guilt trip on me waiting for me to ask her to come here. My home is always opened to any family and friends,,,no one ever needs a invite. Those that are close to me know that. I am kinda of weird person thou,,,Sorta like a parent to my one self....On a school night (Work day)...quiet hour starts at 9pm,,,so I can mellow out.,,Speaking of school night,,yikes tonight is one and I should be in bed----Happy Trails!!!


Anonymous said...

so do you want the kids really.. that would be nice i will talk to john after i here from you.. ok night

Helena said...

I love all my nieces and nephews!!And treasure all the time I get with them,,,they grow up so quick!!