Friday, February 23, 2007

It's a girl "Thang"

Whew,,,,I can almost breath a sigh of relief. Only one more day of the work week for me to go. Today was a heavy mail day,,with 3 boxholders,,actually 2, but one had a detached label,,,and when you have to give 500 people one of each,,it freakin slows you down. I really do like the hussel and bussel of it all. I turn everything into a challenge and a game of sorts to make it fun. I have to get to a certain spot by a certain time,,and if I get there I reward my self by listening to Dr. Phil on the radio. But I think the more I listen to him the less I am starting to like him,,,almost as if in a years time his show shall start to turn into the new "Jerry Springer" show. Ok no beads are giving out for floppy trailer park trash yet,,but give him time. All week long I have been reminding my little brother that we are having a family photo done down at the Church,, "of our youth". We seem to go there for special occasions or family masses. Every thing was all set for today at 5pm,,,he called me at 4pm. Something came up,,,he had to take care of. I thought,,humm OK,,it will be me and my sister-in-law and 2 nephews,,,but he had the car and they were stuck. I couldn't spare the time to get them,,so I stopped at the Church to let the auxiliary help no I wasn't going to make it...He called later to see if I went--Hello it was a family in the family is pretty pathetic. Hopefully we will do it at a later date. I wasn't having a good hair day any how. I still do not like my hair this color,,,I tried darkening it again---Still to reddish tint in it for me,,,my hair was blondish with brown in it before,,,the sun put the blonder in it naturally,,,and no matter how I try I can't get it to look natural. Maybe it's just me and I know it is dyed. Every one says--"Oh it looks so nice. Makes you wounder if they are just being nice saying that. I really wish more people would be true about their feelings. And say what they mean. This photo was taken Thursday during my delivery. The snow looks sooo pretty. I wished I wasn't working and out XCskiing. As you can see the sky is that pretty shade of blue. And the clouds look like giant cotton balls. Have you ever taken the time to watch a cloud disperse and suddenly disappear? I do that when we are boating in the summer,,,in only a few months,,2 I hope,,,I will be kayaking and enjoying the water sports. Spring is such a pretty time to see come forth.The seasons seem to move along so much faster as we get older,,,yikes I am taking about you not me now,,,lol----morrow brings a new day,,hopefully it shall go fast when I am working and remain going slow on my time off---Happy Trails!!!!

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