Friday, February 16, 2007

My day.

Not to much to ramblin on about at this moment. Yesterday was a pretty day,,but it really gave me and my blazer a workout. I had to do that thing yesterday...{MAIL}...I really thought I would get done in time to go up to the "Home" and help my patient,,,I told her son in the AM,,I should make it,,Ya right. Then reality hit in when I got out on the route. As you can see from this mail box,,The snow was up to it. Luckily the plow,,plowed close to the box with out hitting it. About 25 boxes got killed by the plow,,,and another 75 didn't even get shoveled out. That's double duty for me. You gotta rubber band them,,and then resort when you get back to PO. I finished at 6;30pm...ugh. I was beat!! When I got back to the office,,,Linda left me a sweet surprise....A thank you card for all the meals I make her and a $20. gift card to Stewart's. Which really came in handy I was broke,,,in between checks as they say. I got home at 7pm,,,{J} had supper done,,,Chicken and rice,,,I hate rice. I ate yesterdays leftovers,,,chilled in front of the TV,,watching last night's "Lost" show,,,,It really is getting good. Also Grey's Anatomy was on,,,another favorite,,,I taped that and went straight to bed at 9pm. And now I get to go for it again. Cheers and Happy Trail!!!

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