Wednesday, February 14, 2007

counting the snow flakes

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First snow day of the year for me. I went out side to the wind whipping in my could actually hear it howl. { J} moved all our veicles from one side to the next,,both of my blazers ,,,one in front of his car,,one behind it. I hated that my favorite one was close to the corner,,,I had to rearange them. Then I had the bright idea of putting all the snow from our side across the street so the plow would take it away,,,good thoughts but after about 4 shovels full,,,I had enough of the crap. I was going to stay in and do the Martha Stewert thing. The day seemed to go by,,,I finally got to watch last week's show "Lost",,,,and it was great near the end the tape died,,ugh. {J} gave me a new one and walked me threw the setting up the VCR,,,Morrow shall show how I did. I worried most of the day about my friend Linda out there delivering the mail. It was a joke --most of the roads were not even plowed and she was scared most of the day. Not only do you have to worry about hitting someone,,,you have the fools out there that should not be. I made her a pot of Lentil soup,,,on the morrow she will be home and cozy,,,enjoying the snow from the inside, and I hope she has a great day. I had so much fun trying to make this photo flicker,,,I love the way the snow falls down around each pic,,,it's great to reflect on warmer times when you have snow and hail falling all around you,,,sorta makes you warm all inside when you fingers are turning blue. Ever since I had frost bite as a child and almost had my legs amputated,,,there is a part of me that gets scared of being lost or broken down in the snow. It is funny how I get up the courage to go play in it,,,On the morrow when the snow finally stops I shall be a tourist,,and get some great shot's going to work,,,I love when the snow clings to the pines and on the bare tree's,,,white against the dark,,then if a black bird lands,,,or the sun captures the snow crystles it always makes for some great shots....Enjoy spring is like a month and a half away....our boat goes in then,,,Happy Trails!!!!

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