Thursday, February 01, 2007

Memmories and nekkid Thursday shot

This shot is so neat to me,,,all of us on a beach. I am only missing 2 sisters the oldest and the youngest and one of my youngest brothers,,,they did not come on cruise. Maybe sometime in the summer we can all get together and take this shot again. We all get together at Christmas maybe we can do a shot like this in the snow. I am at 6 o'clock. My little brother and nephew are at 11 & 12 O'clock. My little brother is 6ft 7"....His oldest son is 15 now and going to be as tall if not taller than him. It was so funny trying to take that shot,,,by the time I got everyone out of the surf or back from a walk or off a beach chair and around a sorta circle I would go to take it and my battery would be dead or my camera would be acting funny,,,finally after like take 5 it took. It was a nice bond as a family and we had a blast on that beach. So families are not close,,I am glad I can say mine is. We think the world of each other,,,with all our faults and weird beliefs and fears,,,mostly me--height-elevators-sharks,,we laugh at each other and joke,,,might sound funny but we do get along great like the "Waltons",,,,I wish more families would experience the bond of family. A lot of friends I know you ask them about there families they will say we get along good,,,just 2 years ago I heard or saw one of them. They don't call them up and say "Hey--whats happening? or know when their birthday is or have a memory,, of camping as a child or fishing,,,or a day at the movies together. Well enough of my memoirs,,,yesterday at the mail was good, Today it will suck,,,I awoke a hour late,,,,ugh gotta run---Happy trails!!!!


Ryan Velting said...

this really is a great shot! Love it!


Helena said...

Hi Ryan,,coming from you, that is awesum. All of your photo's are great! Thanks a lot.

Lady Luck said...

I gave too many treats to lucky.. sorry!!

Helena said...

No problem Lady Luck,,I have been neglecting Lucky,,Thanks for the treats!!!