Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Give me your Winers---

Today - In Albany, NY - Right now it is 10 degrees....Ugh...Going up to a high of perhaps 28. In Miami where my sister is, it is going to be a nice 80 something. She will be in her air condition office and very comfortable,,,Me you wounder where I shall be on this freaking cold day--Well I didn't hit the lotto like I planed and no philanthropist tossed any moo la my way--I will be driving around with my window down delivering mail---Freezing and playing my music and singing like a fool. Happy because the sun is out and I will know today the route . Tomorrow will be a different story still doing the same thing but on a route from Hell,,,well almost Hell, at least the Antarctic side of hell,,,Not even sure if it was warm out it would help it. QWOL-- Shall be riding around trying to decide how to cut and fix the route so it is not over burden--The postmaster shall not leave the office and stay warm,,,and most likely be on the phone most of the day--Must get her cell number or her Realistate number if I have a Emergency- Last time I had a problem she was on the phone 3 hours,,,I had to call a clerk on his cell. Ugh I guess I am making the worst out of nothing today---I just want to be back on vacation with my family having fun,,Life is to short and work cramp my style,,,and chips my nails....My pedicure I had yesterday will look like crap at the end of the day. I will deal with mostly phony people that are not my friends and pretend to be--Only one there is Linda who I can trust and she can trust me...The rest can all be replaced. But I am no better than they,,I too will pretend they are my friends and we are a team. I hope my inner voice does not speak out---Well with thoughts in my head of better days and times I gotta roll with it and move forward---Happy Trails


Lady Luck said...

ehehe I know how you feel!!
It's all grey and freezing round here -- O°C this morning!!!
Think I'll get a very hot chocolate cup!!

Helena said...

Pour one for me and load it with mini marshmellows,,,{and}