Friday, February 02, 2007

Dusk at sea

A shot in the dark,,This was taking the day before we landed in Nassau. That was the 26th of January. We were suppose to arrive on a private island owned by NCL. Great Stirrup Cay. Nothing there but beaches to explore,,and basking in the sun. And a beach picnic. I was looking forward to that. There was a storm brewing out on the great blue ocean in our way there and we took to the calmer sea's and headed to Nassau. I have been there long ago, and it was mostly the same. There was a new casino on a near by Island that we should have went to but didn't. That would have been Paradise Island , if you get a chance go there,,they have some of it under ground and you can see fish and sharks swim by. We all headed in a taxi to a casino on this island. It was nice but my brother Bobby and family wanted to get back to the shopping in town. Joey and Sandy and I stayed,,,The casino was very generous to my brother. Unlike me my bank card didn't work and I spent the day trying to find a ATM. In a way it was a blessing, I got to come home broke but with money in the bank. And with the business of my schedule,,I still have it. Awaiting a new card. Bobby and family and I are planning a return trip next year. Maybe Midgy will come then,,that will be awesume. Anna wants to tour the west cost and California,,,That sounds nice but not as warm. I would love to go out west and horse back ride around the ghost towns. I would be the one caring the cross and the garlic. To many scary movies,,,with vampires and old saloon still cloud my thoughts Now it's off to the ghosts of the po,,,,Happy Trails!!!!!


JoeBlogs said...

Nice picture. Send me an email and ill send you an interview.
Kind Regards
Joe Blogs

Helena said...

Thanks Joe...I shall ;>0..And I love reading your blog interviews,,keep up the great Blogging!!