Saturday, February 24, 2007

Long Post--------------

This photo has been on my post's numerous times over the year. It is sorta like my sanctuary,,,Sometimes when things get me down,,I picture my self sitting on the beach and just the sounds of the waves as they come roaring in to meet the beach; helps take my mind off of the negativity,,and the disapointment I see in people I don't expect. Work to day at the PO,,,was good. We had are usual breakfast,,and jokes,,and laughed a bunch. Saturday's usually bring out the best in us. Even my Postmaster was there,,the mood didn't change. Every thing got done in the fast paced way that we do our job,,and it was enjoyable. The day in the North East was chilly,,,frigid to be exact. But the sun was out,,,the sky the perfect blue. I even was in awe when I saw beautiful Bluebirds in different locations. Bluebirds of love,,,so rare and beautiful. Actually when I see them I expect something magical to happen next,,,almost as if I was to "Catch me ,,e Leprechaun",,,. I left the postoffice and stopped home to say hi to {J},,and grab some olive oil to put in my patients vegetables,,,got up to the "home",,,and my whole attituted changed,,,seemed like all the 'slackies' were on tonight--not a nurse's aide that you would want taking care of your parent,,,and one of the LPN's the one with only one arm,,and no personality was on,,,now I shouldn't say she doesn't have a personality,,she does and it sucks. The place looked freakin dirty in my eyes,,,if I worked for the Health department I would have found them numerous code violation,,, my pt. supper came--fish with that was pureed,,,and still had bone fragments in it. Pureed string beans that were so stringy,,it felt like straw as I plucked them out. And in her pureed soup I found a 2 1/2 in fish bone. Showed it to Ms. no personality,,,and she just freakened brushed it off. My patient acted as if she was on valium...there but yet not. I checked to see if she was sedated,,,they gave her one at 2pm for agitation,,,and then another one,,,to me find the sorse of agitation and fix it--change the floor!!,,or the staff,,,not give her another one,,,it was 6pm when I was there. This is a lady that I never had to sedate in all of my 6 years of taking care of her,,,she is the sweetest person that always thought the world of her boys and busted her ass to provide for them,,,raising them alone. Built her fortune and trusted that in the remaining years she would remain well taken care of...needless to say it's not as she dreamed. I called her son,,my boss and told him supper was the pits and they sedated her 2 times in 4 hours,,,his responce was so they are drugging her good,,,I told him "you know it might be a lot less easier to use a pillow!",,,He said "pillow" what do you mean,,,I was on the verge of tears,,,and said I can't talk to you now,,,and hung up.,,,Called { J } after that,,told him what happened,,,and I was not answering my cell for awhile,,,I need to shop! I'll be home shortly....the only way to lift my spirits I needed flowers,,,I bought a bunch of peace roses,,,daffodils,,,mums,,,carnations,,and a bottle of Vino--I put flowers all around the house in my favorite vases,,,On the morrow will be a total ME day,,,Not allowing any negative energy back in,,,,Hope it works--Happy Trails!!!

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