Sunday, February 25, 2007

cant think of a title to this post

Ok...Last night I had a pity party,,,and I was the only one there--As usual { J } left me alone and new I needed my space. I stayed up till like 1am nursing the bottle. This am or should I say afternoon I felt it. I awoke at 8am,,,and thought nice sunny day,,,I'll just sleep a little longer....wrong move. I finally got out of bed at 11;45 am. His Mom called from Arizona and I finally got to talk to her. Ever since she left in January I have been out of the house ever Sunday that she calls. She feels the need to call her children every Sunday to keep in touch,,,She is a wonderful lady,,and I miss when she is not around. I don't treat her like a "Mother in Law",,the old scenario of mean mother in law's,,,she is not. She is a friend who always gives loving advice,,a terrific lady with many friends,,,she has such a gift I am not sure she even knows it. It was nice chatting with her,,,just as was going to hang up { J } came home,,,knowing I was talking to his MOM,,he dreaded me handing the phone to him.....Boys I'll never figure them out. He hates the chit chat of daily life,,,to me I treasure every moment. Me I have a tendencies to go off the subject and ramble about something totally different what I started about,,lol,,like now. Back to the beginning...{This photo I took Saturday morning,,,,almost looks like a painting of Church's,,but it is not,,just shot near his home.} I dreaded the day,,in a way. I knew after my snide remark to my boss the night before,,wasn't sure if I still had my job...but it is only a part time thing,,12 hours a week,,,but he pays my health insurance so { J } reminds me I need to keep it. But I was still pissed at him and kept my phone on silence to see when he would call,,I dreaded the trip to the "Home",,,I said a prayer and went forth,,,my patient was where she always was,,in front of a TV.with 20 others--to make a long story short--I spent quality time with her and 7 others,,,ignored my bosses {her son} phone calls. Made her day special,,and on my way out called her son and said he is on for supper with his Mom tonight. I am sorta like her daughter and his sister,,the sister with emotions...his other sister is mentally not there. Any how I am glad the day is over and tomorrow I get to see my other patient,,,and I think I am going to join hospice in my spare time....I think if I volunteer it will help. Also on the morrow visiting the 5th floor of the home,,I like the staff there much better......Happy Trails!!!

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