Saturday, February 03, 2007

All in the life of Riley

This picture hangs over our work station at the PO. I took this shot and I could picture my self pitching a tent...building a fire and just hanging out at this point for days. The colors of the ocean....A perfect blue. As your leaving the Caribbean and traveling North by can actual see the blue gradually fade. And when your boat docks in NY,,,all you see is muddy water,,,cold looking with debri. Even the attitudes of people gradually change back to coldness. I noticed that on the disembarking,,,,what a word,,,as I reflect on it,,,I heard barking,,,one old guy was trying to cut in the line to get off,,,hundreds were waiting to go threw customs and this NY,,,or perhaps he was from Jersey who knows,,,but he was yelling at him,,and ready to jump down his throat. That guy clearly needed Valium,,,or Prozac. It is funny to watch people's action and how they handle things. Yesterday at work,,,my whole case was changed the night before. And not knowing it to begin with,,,only 4th day out on the route. This was a draft I started a few days ago,,I think last week. But I can use it again,,,Wanna know why? The freakin case was changed yet again. Once I know it I'll be totally great at it,,,lol. And for fun today I decided not to mention to Linda the people that she forgot to put on the case,,,and see how long it takes her to keep looking for it, Well actually I would only let her look 2 minutes,,,she's my friend and really did a great job fixing the case and All Alone I might add. Today is my Mom's big bash,,,So I gotta get out of the house in 10 minutes and get to work,,,,I left a hell of a lot of junk mail from yesterday pm,,,that needs to go up before am mail arrives. I got back after route yesterday at 5pm,,,I straightened up abit,,,and put a few magazines up,,,but had to run to get to "home" by 6:30pm,,,for my other job,,,now my day begins---Enjoy--Happy Trails!!!!

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