Wednesday, January 03, 2007

just Yadda

A close friend of mine got me this shelf for Christmas,,,I asked {J} to put it together for me....Not now maybe later. I asked my brother,,,he said Ugh,, I usually give that task to my wife. Well I decided to put it together my self,,,I presented a piece of it to {J} with my dilemma....He said that can't go on the wall,,it will make the paneling come off,,,I said bull,,,It goes on the wall,,,it's a shelf for God's Sake,,,I did it my self. it turned out to be a rather easy task. I just have to figure out how to hide the white cord....Any suggestions would be appreciated. I thought paint the cord brown or hide it under the panelling. I am counting down the day's till my cruise. I have put my self on a 1000, calorie diet till then--Yesterday I had 4oz of Turkey soup and Half of a wrap,,,,and at 7pm,,I had 4oz of yogurt and flax seed. I am sure it is under 1000. Today it was just the other 1/2 of wrap and 6oz of Turkey soup with Flax seed. Over the holiday's I gained 7 lbs,,,need to get them off plus 10 more. It would be great if I could eat like this always. Plus I have been going back to the gym---My goal is to get to 135lbs by Summer. For a 5ft 7 I think that would be perfect,,,,and a size 7-8. LoL if I get to it it will be as I was when I was 16...Dream ,,Dream ,Dream...On to a different note,,On the morrow I run a new mail route. The one that should be posted to fill,,,and FINALLY getting a full time position. But I will be on it 2 days a week,,,the regular sub who has to do it till it gets posted is giving me 2 days, Which is great. I could use the money and the practice of doing it. I was on my other route 12-13 years and finally have that down to perfection. I will do both routes till the USPS,,makes a decision. I am going to file a grievance,,,but not even sure I would want to do that 5 days a week. I pray for a easy day on the morrow. I plan to get done by 5pm,,hit the gym,,,and home chillin be 7pm,,,then I will pot my Nekkid Thursday picture---And one wanna shed a few layers of clothes and let me take a picture?,,lol,,,,Happy Trails!!!

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