Monday, January 01, 2007

first day of the new year

Happy New Year,,,{as said by Frosty as he comes alive}. The first day of the New Year turned out great. I scheduled my self to be at 4 different spots- But cancelled on all of them. I spent the day at home with loved ones. my brother Bobby came over and family. { J } baked a awe sum turkey and I made the fixings,,,I used my imagination and made a broccoli melody,,,green bean casserole,,and yams w/honey and brown sugar. Katie was impressed that {J} can cook and even cleaned up. After supper we looked over old photo's. I need to have more around of them than I do. Think she was a little bit hurt about that,,,but all I have gotten have been wallet size,,,and in wallet they are. Not having the pictures around is nothing personal,,,I love my sister in law,,actually out of all my in laws I am closest to her. And my nephews I love dearly. Was a nice day. Yesterday's picture I never commented on---{Scroll back and see if you must},,,,But that tiny little church is where I went every Sunday,,,,it was about 4 miles from my home,,,my parents did not drive and we would wait by the side of the road for the priest to pick us up. My great Aunt and Uncle lived next door..occasionally they would pick us up,,but most times they waved as they went by.,, They were the type of people that had plastic on their furniture. My Dad built the steps to the church. And my grandmother made all the clothes used in it. She crochet them,,,and I always loved seeing them deck the alter.,,I think the church at the most could hold 75 people,,,very small and quaint.....Happy New Year....and happy trails

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