Sunday, January 28, 2007

Home again

I am back in the blog world. I arrived home around 1pm. This photo is from the start of my holiday. It was taken from the back of the boat. Or ship as I should say.We were on Norwegian Cruise lines on the ship Dawn. It has 13 restaurants,,and 10 bars & lounges.It is 965feet in length, (The size of 3 football fields). It can house 2,224 guests and has a staff of 1,o86 crew. It was awesome. It had a spa & fitness center,,( unfortunately I spent most of my time in the restaurants & bar & pool area,,,and casino.,,My room was great,,I had a nice comfortable bed. A blow dryer that actually worked as load as it sounds. The pressure of the water in the shower was great,,just like at home. Usually when I go to a hotel,,,the shower looks great but the pressure is not there. And the hair driers sound good but don't work all that well. I will be posting shots from the trip now till spring. I got some great shots. It was so nice spending quality time with my family. We all got along great and laughed so much. The weather was great the whole trip,,,it sprinkled one day as we were heading back from one of the islands,,but not enough to be a pain,,,it was actually welcomed because it was so hot. Now home I am totally beat,,,and back to a busy week. It was so nice not having to follow a schedule,,,and having everything you needed or want all in one place. It was funny that in all the nautical miles I traveled at a pace of 26mph,,,,I saw no whales,,,Dolphins,,or sharks. And only on the cruise back home did I finally see a few other ships in the distance,,,the lack of birds over the ocean is another thing I noticed. I knew {J} would miss me,,,He had roses around the house when I got home,,,and he cooked me a nice dinner. Sure hope the pampering continues. On the ship, I loved using room service for coffee in the am. And I had 2 guys attend to my room,,They would clean up after me,,,make my bed,,,and turn it down at night, with mints on my pillow, Fresh ice in the container. A few times they made towel arrangements into rabbits and elephants,,,I wanted to take them home (the guys) and keep them,,,but couldn't afford to pay them,,,so that blew that thought. Now going to try out my bed here................Happy Trails.................%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
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