Sunday, January 21, 2007

First Island

Today was our first stop,,,,The island of St. Thomas. I have been here before but still appreciate it's beauty. I bought cigs on this island $22 dollars,,,Have price as home. And we got to sample a lot of vodka,,,,they had Kiwi,,coconut...bannana,,,many flavors, The sun was beating down on us,,,and got a little more color. Today was Milly's birthday,,,I gave her a tropical bag with pink flamingo's some lotion and lily of the valley candles, her favorite flower. Then at dinner it was all pretty formal,,,,by our choice,,,,and i tipped the water to surprise her with a cake and every-one singing,,,,needless to say,,,she was touched and cried,,,,plus she wants to beat me On the morrow we head to Tortola,,,so looking forward to that,,I have not been there. Also it will be a beach day my brother Joe wants to swim in the crystal clear blue waters. Temp to day was lower 80'2,,,could have even been 90. I have 2 cabin boys,,,They fix up my room every day and turn down my bed at night,,,I kinda wanna take them home and keep them,,,must see into that,,,I can give (J) one to pick up after him,,and one of my own-----Happy Trails!!!


Anonymous said...

i like lucky he is keeping me company when you are away . i feed him each day so have fun.........and dont wory about lucky he is in good hands.

Helena said...

Thanks sweety,,,and when you don't write I give you puppy bones too--or carrots,,,lol