Saturday, January 20, 2007

At sea

I Am at sea,,,Past the Bermudia triangle. The ship is great,,,Yesterday it was a bit rough, and joey spent the day in the cabin....I think we are catching up on sleep. The best part is no scedual,,eat sleep, when ever. The cab ride over to the dock in NYC,,,we got rammed by another taxi,,,might suffe whip lash all depends on how much I spend. Sure hope some one is playing with my puppy and feeding him. Shall post more on a later date,,,Internet cafa is rather pricy,,,$$ 55. for a hour,,,plus $3.50 to send Email,,,,Hopew all is good in blogger world. Midgie I miss ya,,,Next year plan to come.....Hey JD is here and he would say hi,,but I have him to busy to talk,,,,Love yHappy Trails

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