Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year

Last night I created today's post. It somehow got lost in cyber space,,,So I will try to remember most of it---It went in the shape of Question and a list. You have to answer the question 5 times,,,in any order---The post was due to the upcoming year....Here is another 5 questions with 5 answers you need to think of your self.........

Question Number 1) Name 5 things that you loved about the year 2006.

1) Going on vacation with (J) and my brother and sister in law and 2 nephews and having a great time.

2) Having my little sister moving closer back home.

3) Having my Mom still in my life and all that are dear to me.
4)Changing around my home, and getting organized.
5)No major health problems of my own to deal with....( as we get older they seem to come.
Question 2) What did you hate about this year.
1) Having my patient fall and I was not there,,,she lost vision in her left eye,,,and is still in a nursing home.
2) Not learning still yet to save for a rainy day.
3)Having my neighbor and friend of over 20 years get murdered and beat to death by 2 guys over a girl,,,he was under 40 years old,,in the prime of his life,,,was very sad. I still think of him as I go out early in the AM,,,we always shared a bitch report or comment on the upcoming day. I will miss him.
4) the war
5) toss up between the weather and not winning the lottery.
Question 3) What 5 things you think you will do in 2007 that will be fun.
1) Going on a cruise with siblings,,,and me being single and able to act like me with out some-one saying don't do that,,umm like (J) would do.
2) skinny dipping in the river off the boat.
3) camping at Rocky Neck or near by Rhode island and taking the ferry to Block island.
4) Win the lottery
5)Walk some on the Appalachian trail
Question 4) What do you not want to see in 2007
1) My one patient still living in Nursing home,,,,when she wanted to stay at home and die in her own place.
2) I do not want to see any of my family or friends get sick or die,,,( as if that is a choice)
3) I liked to see me get my route,,,after 13 years.
4)I would like to see the war over and our troops home,,and no repercussions,,,but don't think that would happen,,,we have a better chance at seeing Elvis again.
5)I would like to see more compassion, and good will towards one another,,,a kind word,,a smile,,,don't be so quick to judge.
{ as 2006 comes to a fold,,,and another year approaches,,,I for one feel that 2007 holds good Majik,,,The numbers are right for that,,,it sounds like a positive thing. So for the next 5 answers to a question I seem to draw a blank to,,Just write down what you want,,they could be bad or good or a thought or what ever tricks your trigger.
1) I never was good at science,,,I used to think the sun was the moon it just changed at night,,,right now the melt down in the Ar tic has my attention,,,when the ice wall along a edge breaks it causes earth quakes and tremors,,,Now I could be wrong on this,,,and it's all caused by global warming. But the destruction and can be devastating.
2) Stingray's--They used to be harmless and now you are hearing about them turning on us--and of all people we lost the Croc. Hunter this year.
3) why is it that when a grocer store is busy,,,people feel the need to walk down the middle of isle,,and leave their cart to search for something,,,and when you say excuse me,,,it seems like you are intruding on their space,,,like they own the whole freaking store.
4) or you are in express check out...10 item limit---the guy has 20,,,argues over a price check---then goes and tries to use credit card after credit card,,,he maxed all them out but the 7Th one,,,then decides to just write a check.,,lol,,or the order for $11.99 and they count out the .99 cents because they don't want to break yet another dollar.
5) wildest place you wanna have sex at this the woods,,on a blanket,,,and with a partner,,lol

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