Wednesday, January 17, 2007

All most there!!!!!

Ok, here is where I shall be on the Morrow. Am I packed?...Well almost. Stupid suitcase was so heavy,,as I tried to bring it closer to the door. When I decided to open it up again for the hundredth time the zipper broke. I do not know how to pack light,,,actually what does that mean--don't expect to go to any fancy places looking good?..Or it's Ok to wear the same pair of panties 4 days in a row. And you can always wear the same dress twice in 2 weeks,,the same people won't notice,,,just change your earrings,,,,,ya right,,,well I can't do that. I think it has a lot to do growing up poor and not having the choice,,,and hearing the comments and made to feel belittled. Now as a adult, and able to choose my own destiny,,it's freakin hard to pack light. I sure hope I can find a sweet person to carry my bags and break their back. I,,,know I am forgetting something,,,,besides my little sister--Midgie---I sure hope you check out her blog in my absence,,,I gave her this adorable cute little Polish pup to adopt. He site is to the right,,in places I journey to. Actually check them all out,,,I have been slacking on that part I must say,,,I am sure Ryan has some more awe sum shots on his site,,,{I too will have great shots to post and finally {NEW} pics,,,I picked up a xtra ?=Little square thingy that holds digital pics,,,and a friend got me a digital camera with a binoculars.......Which is cool on the french side of Islands...if you get my drift....well Nappy time now,,up in 4 hours and set sail in 10,,,or less,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Happy Trails

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