Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pics and more Negativity Golden years in a home

| View Show | Create Your Own Trying something new,,,these are a few of my favorite photo's..tell me what you think. It took me a bit trying to figure how how do post it,,nothing to do with all the bloggers having problems with the new blog system. All you do is follow the directions of blogger and it happens. Me..If I can upload photo's and manage to change into the new system with out any problems,,perhaps others need to junk there Dell's and Mac's and such and get a cheaper from Wally world. Just a sugjestion.-- Any one ready this got snow yet?...It really does not feel like Christmas to me...perhaps I lost the reason for the season,,,and just look for the cash flow. Last year my pt.'s son's 2 off them gave me $100 bucks each,,,actually when she was home one sone gave me $100 every year,,,,Now that she is in a home,,I got a freaking box of chocolates from one,,{$5-} at Marschell's or tar'get. And zip from the other. I feel like just quiting,,,I go up every night for 2 hours,,it costs me $10 in gas, for 2 days,,plus 1 1/2 hours travel for 2 days,,and I get paid 4 hours. Grant it if I didn't go,,,no one that she enjoyed would,,,and she would soon have nothing to look foward to,,,I really believe they are waiting for me to quit and forget about their Mom,,,she is soon to be 96,,,Last 5 years I planned the party,,,This year it shall be them,,,I am not giving 150% of my self and getting 5% in appreciation...Of course I get 200% from patient,,,but how long shall I continue to feel sorry for people and not look after me,,,thats not paying my bills or providing me with any profit,,actually I am in the hole,,buying her things that her children don't do,,,perhaps at 96,,they had enough of Mom..She hates where she is at,,And when she talks about going home,,I am telling her that's not going happen,,,she is home now. I have sen to many people get there hopes up,,and cry when they realize they are alone. Before I left,,I cried,,not for my patient,,she is accepting her faith,,but for this little old Lady that has no-one.,,,Little does she realize if she had 3 son's and grandchildren,,,she would still be in the same boat. And waiting for a visit,,and when the visit comes after days of waiting it is a mere few minutes or perhaps a hour,,,but when you are alone the hours drag like eternity,,and you long for companionship and a kind word. Nursing homes suck...Any Geriatrics reading this blog--Spend your money on you,,,spend what you would have left your kids--enjoy yourself Now. If you have propert or assets,,spend that to!!!I know I am...but when I read a old age,,saving a little for the hearse ride out. { Dam,,I don't mean to be a downer,,but that's my out look on aging,,I got 40 years to go,,before I dread that....Happy Trails for now,,,,,Enjoy every minute of it.

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Anonymous said...

you got 55 years sorry . Have a good day and remember it is not what you get but what you give will come 2 fold someday. maybe not right now but down the ya.