Saturday, November 25, 2006

A worthy cause to donate to

Today was a mail day and a pretty early one at that. As I got out on my route and listening to the radio, I kept hearing this add asking for a donation for Toys For Tots. A great program that has been around for years. And they get a lot of donations. So I have decided to start my own campain,,Toys for Adults. I have came up with many gift idea's for men and women. They can all be sent to my PO box. The list is as follows: For Men:

Mulholland Brothers Duffel Bag,,Michael Toshi Golf Shoes,,Montery Money Clip, or a Davek Umbrella,,or some Armani,,or perhaps a GPS Road system, for the car. Or a pair of Monocular,,,or perhaps some super dupper magnet strips that go on the toilet seat,,,so that when he forgets the magnet force pulls it into place,,,or perhaps some Tsar Nickolai Select Estate Osetra Caviar,,these are just a few gift idea for the men for you to on to the Women................................For Women ---Gucci,Ghost or Opium perfume....Porshe driving boots or a Alligator field Jacket{$61,000},,or matching alligator shoes {$3,500- For both silly},,,or some stock shares. At the LouisVuitoon store you might want to pick up a little diamond studded bracelet with highlighted yellow canary diamonds,,{$260,000},,,or a little beauty case {$1720},,,for those over night toiletry items when staying @ motel 6,,,, Of course all of these gifts are nice,,,but you can even pick up a nice gift card at any grocery store for Walmart,,or a restaurant. Or a lovely book. Please no used Adult Toys,,,Health regulations and all,,gift cards to Adult stores are accepted thou. You may send all donations to PO Box 404- Germantown, Ny 12526 { some items might just be kept and only one or 2 given to another another person,,,of my choice} Thank you in advance for all the lovely things I ,,,ummm they shall receive. Remember Christmas is a time of giving to the less fortunate {Me} And sharing with {Me} those that are less fortunate.


Anonymous said...

so who gets the gifts???

Helena said...

Most of them go to random adults that I see that need a cheering up,,and a smile---the expensive ones go to me,,,what are you sending?