Wednesday, October 04, 2006

October boreding summer

Yesterday was a great fall day in my small space in this Universe. I believe we hit 80 degrees. This might be our Indian summer. After I putted around the house and made a dump run,,{J} and I headed out on the river. We went up to Coxsackie and had lunch. This shot is of the park there. a very pretty spot that seldom gets used. In all the years we have been boating we have never had to wait for a dock spot here. They have a public dock that you can tie up to,,and I think it will hold 5 boats of average size. The river was as calm as could be,,almost felt like gliding over a sheet of ice. We only spotted one Eagle in our trip,,and that was questionable for it was off in a distance. Had a nice time thou. We got back and I headed up to the gym for a quick workout and a 20 minute nap in the tanning bed. After that I headed to Rehab to work my patient for a few hours. Got done and back to town by 7pm,,,,then I had to help {J} get pellets for our stove.....he said to me when we got home that I looked so depressed and sad''I said when I was pushing the 400 lbs of pellets,,or before" He said when I was wheeling them out. Well they were like heavy and I really didn't want to be doing that or even seen doing that. I reminded my self of his Aunt,,,who told me she loved to do her gardening but when a car drove by she stood up and pretended to be admiring the garden,,,I think I have become spoiled. Thank god I have a fence around my garden. Today I am going up to the home and join in on a meeting that I invited my self to. They will discuss my patients progress and where we go from here. If she will remain in there,,,I need to decide what I am doing and stop procrasting which I am so good at. Shall post me later. HAPPY TRAILS FOR NOW!!!!!!###############"A Magic Little Pill" We all go through those very tough stretches in life when it seems like "nothing is going your way!" You're feeling down, you hate your job and you get NO respect at home. You realize that there is too much month left over at the end of the money! Well friend, don't despair because help is on the way and it all wrapped up in one " magic little pill"..... called Fukitol,,,,,1000mg's *(sorry the pic for the pill didn't come out)

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