Friday, October 13, 2006

friday the 13th

There I went back to that spot and re-took the picture,,,,and as you can see I got out of the car and there is no antenna in the shot. As I was there taking the picture,,the regular carrier went by,,,she has no personality,,she didn't even wave or stop. What's up with people like that. At first I used to think she was just shy,,,but shit I have known her 8 years,,,,Other people on the route have asked me about her,,,wondering why she has no personality. Her co workers say -" she goes in like a robot mode' another has said she doesn't start conversation like I,,,every once in a while she might talk to the old coot. Hope when I get to be a regular she snaps out of that trance that she is in. It probably has to do with pressures of family,,work,,and life,,,who knows. YIKES,,,,I just realized today is Friday the 13Th,,,UGH...And I have to sweep out a cellar,,,I usually won't even go in my own cellar on this day or a full moon. My cellar is so old,,,I think this old is close to that,,about 200 years old,,,many spirits have come and gone in that time. Yesterday at that house I kept hearing this weird sound,,,it sounded like sneakers hitting a squeaky clean floor,,,this I know because I had sneakers on and it made the same sound,,,even when I was not moving,,,,freaking creepy. There was 2 things that really bugged me about yesterday,,,unrelated to that house. I was coming down the main street in town here and went to pa rel park,,,,I pulled up next to the car in front of that vacant spot,,,,and just like that one country song goes...a sports car goes whipping in my spot,,,I was pissed...I back up and put the window down and said to the guy,,,Why the hell did you do that?,,,,He stated back---"Oh Honey just take that other spot,,(2 cars ahead),,,the audacity of him,,,I put a bad day curse on him. Karma will get him. The second thing that bugged me was I was talking to my patient's son and he was asking me where his mother's jewelry was. I told him I was coming out I will show him,,,,I got out there and nothing was there,,,nadda,,,not even the ring I bought here at the dollar store. I was really surprized it was all gone,,,I told him to ask his brother in law,,,He did and Rodney told him he has it,,,,now why did he take it all and not tell one of the son's,,,he also stated a pair of diamond earrings were gone,,,in all the years I have been there I have never saw diamond earrings,,,perhaps years ago when I would take my patient to the doctors and he would drive,,,and his wife stayed in the house,,she scarfed them up,,,,I don't trust those people. Today I will talk to the son's about my feeling on the son in law,,,,should be interesting,,,,Now I gotta run,,,no jokes for today,,,shall post them later,,,,HAPPY TRAILS !!! for now and have a safe Friday the 13TH,,,woooooo

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