Saturday, October 07, 2006


This is the coldest morning so far of the year...ugh it is 35 degrees. That is almost cold enough for snow. I think this might be a hard winter here in the North East. Now with temps that cold how do I dress for work. I had planned on wearing still my Capri's so it will be a day with the heat on in the mail truck. By 12pm it should make it up to 55,,whoo. This shot we took the other day coming back from lunch on the river,,,you can see how empty the river is. We will go out this week end again. I really need to use my Kayak a bit more,,,but I am sure {J} doesn't want to use the canoe to keep up with me. Maybe I'll surprise him at Christmas with a Kayak. Yesterday I got up to rehab on time to see my patient in physical therapy like we had arranged only to find it over. No one told the aide working with here so I missed it,,,which ticked me off. And again her call button was no where near her. At least she had the alarm on her chair this time. The other day they never hooked up her alarm,,,,it was still on the bed. And I sat on the bed and when ever I attempted to get up it went off. I met with her nephew and great nephew for lunch. We had a nice visit. He goes back to Florida this weekend and with his age of 85 and still recovering from a stroke not sure if I shall ever see him pass threw my life again. After lunch I called my boss to ask him if I could pick some raspberries and some pumpkins. He of course said I could have what ever I wanted and if I wanted to pick him some he would give me..$1 a pint,,,and if I picked 100 I would get a $100 bonus,,,,sounded like such a deal,,,ya right,,,this was my first time ever picking raspberries,,,And I was putting them in quart containers by mistake,,,,I could have swore he said Quarts,,,any how I started at 2;30 and quit at 5pm,,,,I got 9 quarts for him=18pints and 4 pints for me. I think I ate about 2 quarts of berries. I ruined my good pair of jeans with raspberry stains all over them. I did conquer my fear of bee's....they were all over the place but not one bite. Twas definitely a adventure,,,,who knows I might ever finish collecting the 82 other pints and get my $200. For now it's off to the mail----Happy Trails!!!--- > >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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