Tuesday, September 26, 2006

my day

Here again is my one of my favorite beach scenes. Guess I wish the weather was as warm as it was that day,,,and I was off and sitting on that beach. Yesterday was a very heavy mail day,,I was loaded with parcels and letters. Felt like I was playing beat the clock. It is mandatory that we get back to the Post office by 5pm. So you drive like a bat out of hell,,,hoping not to screw up or hit anything. I gave my side mirror a good whack against a mailbox. {J} really did a good job of cementing it on the last time I broke it. I made it back to the office by 4;55. That was very close. Linda made it back by exactly 5 pm. I think we were all bitching by the end of the day,,,ranting about everything that went wrong. I left at 5;15,,,I got permission to go in before the sun comes up to finish putting up my 3rd class mail,,,,lucky me,,,,I had {J} drive me up to the hospital to check on patient. I had one of the other ladies go up today,,,I gave her instructions on what needed to be done. I got there and patient was sitting or should I say slouched in the chair,,,I straightened her up and showed the other lady,,,lets call her LM,,,how she should sit. Asked her how much she ate,,LM was proud that she wrote it all down,,neatly,,,1oz of meat,,one oz of soup,,,and water.That was it. I really stressed again the importance of intake,,,,I even told her her daughter in law got 50% more in her than that. It is important that she eat so no tube goes in. To me that was really ignorant that that was all she had. Today I will again go like a bat out of hell to get up there for supper and feed her my self. Also she has been sitting in the chair for 8 hours that I know maybe more,,,on a leather chair with just a sheet,,,she could start breaking down. I wish I didn't have to do the mail today,,,then I know she would be getting the proper nutrient and care. Going again go like a bat out of hell and get up there as fast as I can----Happy Trails for now!!!!################

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