Wednesday, August 30, 2006

weekend update

The weekend was great!! We got up early and headed to church,,{J} loved the sermon,,,it was about sumisive to her husband. I elbowed him and reminded him we were not married!,,,We stopped into his Mom's for a quick hello then we were on the road by 9;45. I watched a good DVD,,,See Jane Run on the way to Rome. Was great to finally see my sister and niece and nephews. My Nephew Mikey is in love with me. He is 2 inches taller than I. It also was good to see my other nephew Johny coming out of his shell abit. My goddaughter Jessica is as cute as ever. She takes after me. I bought her a cute pair of pants at Wally world. We had a nice visit,,,a little to short thou. My sister hates living there,,,,every thing is like 45 minutes away. She cannot wait to move to Long Island. Her neighbors across the street she claims are crazy. On the third floor of their house they have manicans they put in the window and dress them different every other day. When we were there they were dressed in wedding outfits. After we left there we headed to Turning stone. That was great. I had the whole hot tub and pool to my self. Every one else was at the free pool. I don't mind paying the $15 to have it all to my self. Shall continue on with this post later,,,Gotta get ready for work UGH,,,,HAPPY Trails!!!

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