Sunday, August 27, 2006

Today in a rush,,,need to get to 8am mass. And I really don't care for the priest. Growing up as a child in my family ment going to church every Sunday,,,not just holidays. Going to Religious Instruction classes and all. Getting babtized,,having Holy communion,,,then getting confirmed. Well as I got older I just went on Holidays wich was frowned apon by my Mom. Me and {J} started living together and like 10 or so years ago my sister Milly and brother Joey said it would be good if I went to a open confession,,,,they are great they said. The priests asked who commited this and all the hands went up. Well that was the impression I got, needless to say my siblings were joking. Well {J} and I went and you all go one by one to speak with the priest,,,{J} went first...he came out in 3 minutes,,,my turn. I go in and start to confess and the priest says are you with the guy that was just here. I say yes,,,he tells me I cannot hear your confession. He was a real jerk about it,,,just because we are living together and not married. Hell we get along and remain together after numerous couples got divorsed. It was after that,,church got to be a funeral,wedding thing for us. But today his mother is having a special mass said for {J}'s sister that passed away. Just going to make her happy and him.I believe in God and all but perhaps I need to find a religion that excepts some of my beliefs. In this day and age where gays can marry I am sure I can find one that is close. Now it's off to play the good Christian role. Happy trails after I post some Hethen jokes :>)## A young and foolish hot-shot pilot wanted to>>>>> sound cool and show who>>>>> > > was boss on the aviation radio frequencies. So,>>>>> this was his first>>>>> > > time approaching an airfield during the>>>>> nighttime. Instead of making>>>>> > > any official landing requests to the tower, he>>>>> said: ...."Guess who?">>>>> > >>>>>> > > The tower controller switched the field lights>>>>> off and replied:>>>>> > > ....."Guess where".....#####################

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