Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday,,,don't you love them.

Well,,,I thought about it and even thou I like the Harbor template ,,,I do not like my previous posts and all the sidebar stuff way,,,way way down,,,It should be sorta on the side just under the Harbor light. Not sure how to bring it up closer. Any suggestions would be appreciated,,,perhaps some Guru could help me out,,,hint ,hint. Last night I had weird dreams,,,I dreamed I was making out with Mick Jagger and I was going to be his wife. He looked just as he does these days,,,you would think at least in a dream I could have made him 30 or 40 years old. Not even sure how old he is but in my dream I think he was like in his 60's. Very weird. I even in the early hours thought I heard my patient saying..." How do I have get up",,,I yelled out Hello,,,,Shit I was home,,,no patient here,,,just {J},,,the dog at that point came over and licked my face,,,thanks pooch. Now we were suppose to go on boat but he wants to go at 10am,,,ugh,,,then go get gas,,,which takes like 1/2 and longer if he starts talking so whats the point of even going,,I gotta be to work by 2pm,,,might as well just go to the gym,,,and work out and then tan,,,I'll get more color than on the boat for just a hour....I sure hope if Mick was here we could have at least had a earlier start,,,with a attitude og fun,,,not,,I told you yesterday 10 am,,,Wait till you really wanna do something,,,I will take my sweet time and give you the I don't give a crap attitute,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Happy Trails

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