Saturday, August 26, 2006

Journey back and future

This cow is just too cute for words!! The other day I read about a fire in Taconic. A 200 year old barn burned with this farmers whole herd of 85 cows. How awful that must have been. I hope they died quickly from the smoke rather than getting burned alive. This cow is from my mail route,, a very cute cow! A friend once told me that I should write about adventures from my youth,,so every now and then I shall throw one in. When I was about 7 or 8 years old I was up to my grandmothers,,Bobchi (polish name). And I was chopping her some wood. She of course was not home,,,,shopping with my mother. Well my cousin Lenny came by and was going to help me bring the wood in the house,,He went in first,,,And I followed. Well we heard a noise like some one was walking upstairs. He grabbed a knife and started up the stairs. Well he screamed and we both ran. Rumor has it my grandmother had a redheaded hobo living up there.We took off like a bat out of hell down the road to my house. My little brother Mike was there and him and Lenny decided to get my older brothers gun and load it. The next thing you knew there was a hole in my Mom's kitchen wall. We called the cops to have them come down but they never found the redheaded man. Then a few days later we were walking up the road and we saw a man go into the woods towards my Bobchi's. We did not do anything then.And eventually he just disappeared. It truly is amazing that none of us kids ever got killed or even in trouble for it. Well that was then,,,this is now. That actually was a title of a book I read growing up. It was a great book..I have finished my tour doing the mail for 8 days straight. It has left me extremely sore.My arthritis seemed to be so much worse these last few days. I am scheduled for a shot first week in September. That shall help a lot. Today after work we headed down to Kingston shopping and dinner at the 99 restaurant,,was excellent as always and I think we got the last table. When we came out there was 20 or more people waiting. Now I gotta pack up for our journey on the morrow. Get to visit Margaret and her family before the head down to Long Island for the week. She is going to come and hang out at the Turning Stone with me,,so that should be cool. Then on Monday head over to the State fair,,,,,Happy Trails!!!!

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