Friday, August 18, 2006


Another used before picture. This is from my Island. It is a private,,,owen by my Uncle. Seems like I haven't been there in a while. Was looking foward to this Sunday when I will get a day off and chilling on this spot. But the weather forcasts clouds and rain,,ugh. But clearing for another great week,,,where I will be stuck in a cold postoffice for most of the mornings then in my truck. Yesterday went pretty smoothly wich was good. Took out 2 box holders,,hoping none for the weekend,,,but I noticed at my homecare job they got the weekly shopper dated 8/17,,,that will probably come in for saturday wich sucks. Really need to make time on saturday,,,I have a dinner to go to,,,and there is a raffel,,,first prize 5g's,,second 2 g's then third 1g,,,with a few hundred up for fourth,,,I would so love to win,,,Might start to do the Trinka spell and see if it works.Well for now its off to the PO,,,Happy trails!!!!!(Well I uploaded the pic 2 times,,,not sure what blogger did with it!!!!)


Joshua said...

Spoiled child, Helena, nice to find your blog.



Helena said...

Thanks Joshua!!