Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moods and Sharing

Shannon who is so sweet is sharing this award. And I am passing it along to who ever visits, if you use it, please add the link to the owner, Memoirs of a Mommy. She created it in Honor of the Heart donor that saved her son's life. It is really importain that you donate your body to science so that when you leve others might have a chance to live. Thanks Shannon for sharing. On a nether note of life, my friend Bskaad is the proud father of a little princess. Stop by his blog and congratulate him, his little girl is so cute!! And now on to my mood, Yucky. I didn't sleep good, pissed at { J } as usual. I am really tired of the way he talks to me. We went shopping yesterday, to get things for camping. and also for me to get food to make a few dishes for my nephews graduation party on Saturday. He can't comprehend why I am making dishes for the party, and giving a gift. After 30 years you think he would get it.....It's my family! We are close, I am so tired of trying to explain that to him. On the way home, I called a close friend to tell them a co-worker who had a knee replace ment wasn't doing good. He hurt like hell and was nauseous, I was going to visit him after work for a few minutes. { J } says fine we will then leave Friday for camping, insteasd of Thursday as planned.....I called him a dick head......He called me a f#cking cunt. After the 3rd saying of that I got out of the car and walked the last block home.........So today we still are not speaking.......I will go to work, visit my Mom.....Visit my co-worker....Then come home....home that used to be a home,,,just seems like a place I come to at the end of the day....Happy Trails for now.


Shannon H. said...

Awwww thank you Helena for the kind words. You are too awesome.

Men can be a big pain in the ass at times. I do hope your day gets better. Want me to hit him upside the head for you?

Shannon H. said...

Happy Friday!

I tagged you here: with a Kind Blogger award :)

Shannon H. said...

TAG!!!! You are it again :)

I tagged you with a fun meme! Come play along if you like :)