Thursday, April 03, 2008

My 13 Thursday List

Thirteen Cookbooks I Have

1} Taming Of The Stew : Taconic Hills Friends Of Shakespear

2} Encyelopedia Of Creative Cooking

3} Readers Digest: Creative Cooking

4} Rachael Ray's Open House Cookbook

5} Fireside Cookbook { one of my favorites}

6} Harmony In The Kitchen: Trumball High School

7} Taste Of Home { hard copies, numerous year 1997-2002

8} The Ultimate Southern Living

9} The 20th Anniversary of Southern Living

10} Our Best Home cooking { Boyscout troop 102}

11} Gourmet Menu's For Contemporary Cooking

12} The Lady and Son's Too: Paula H. Deen

13} McCall's Cookie Collection

Even now with the Internet, I stll keep these and numerous other ones

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Darla said...

I've been collecting ethnic cookbooks lately--Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Mexican.... I love cookbooks--great fiction reading! :)

Adelle said...

I have a big collection of cookbooks. My fav one is a Chinese cookbook I got last year for Christmas. Happy T13!

sd-b said...

My favorite at the moment is Better Homes "The New Cookbook" - it has a bunch comfort-food recipes that I just crave sometimes.

Morgan St. John said...

I love paula deen!
THat's a great list.
I have the Marlboro cookbook. IT's AWESOME! I have lots. The joy of cooking...Better Homes and Gardens, which is a fake Betty Crocker. :)

Helena said...

Thanks every one for visiting. I will check out your TT list today after work. It is my catch up on meme's night inbetween jobs :>)