Monday, April 14, 2008

Just My Yadda

Well it seems like lately I have been doing every thing else but blogging. Midgie is visiting our other sister in Florida, and besides missing her, her father in law is staying at her house watching Bella aka Copake. Sunday I went out there and took him over the border shopping with me, I wanted to go to Guido's and get some good food. They really have the best deli around with things I like to eat....sesame tofu,humm also I got some portabella stacker's,,,marinated portabella's with mozzarella, grilled red peppers, tomato's and Swiss chard. They were so good. And some chicken liver pate'. Now all these great things I don't have to worry about {J} woofing them down. Nothing else lasts in the refridge long when he likes some thing, that I like to. Work has been going so so. The government in the postal system has a way of trying to pay the least to there employees that do a good job. They actually give management rewards for getting the most out of the workers with less payout of their pockets. Which is a fricken joke when you see what the postmasters do on the job. The clerks do all the work. Not sure if when the route comes up if I will take it....It depends on the pay of course, and the time. If I have to spend 6 days a week there and 5 hours a day and the pay is less than 20grand I don't want it. I got a lot of things on my plate right now that I am thinking about, my future. {J's} attitude and how he feels about my family, actually how he Parsee's the whole human race. I mentend this I am sure before, but we have been together a long time I think it's close to 30 years. So we were very young when we started living together....I was only 16 and back then that was fine, actually for a long time they were but we seemed to grow up and change both of us, and the most of the time I am not happy. I want someone that will swim with me, soak in a hottub. Workout with me. Ride a bike together not a mile ahead of me. And as I get older I am finding just harder and harder to deal with it at more times than not. I am tired of going freakin dutch treat or paying it all UGH. Well enough of my bitching....I gotta get ready to go to work

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