Tuesday, April 01, 2008

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1. How are your March Madness picks doing? I did not participate in it.or What is your favorite event? I really don't watch sports, I like to do my own, Kayaking or biking.2. What is the best April Fool's joke - EVER? Today, I thought this was a good one...I went into a convience store...made 3 coffee's and grabbed a soda. When I got up to the counter I pretended I didn't have any money and asked the girl behind the counter if I could trade my gold band for it...she said NO!, I told her April fools, she probably thought I was a fool. Then I explained to her...it was worth much, much more and with the price of gold up if any one else asks her that she should take the deal.3. Valentine's Day - bogus holiday or romantic holiday? It is a romantic holiday, it is only bogus if there is no thought put into the usual box of candy and the card.4. If you made any New Year's Resolutions have you broken them yet? or What have you done lately to make yourself a better person?For my self I go to the GYM on a regular base. Ramdonly I do acts of kindness.5. If you believe in 'regret', what is your biggest regret? I regret not saving money from the start. If you don't believe in 'regret', what do you call 'errors in judgment' or 'missed opportunities' in your philosophy of life?My missed opportunity, which I have that is when I left a few years ago...coming back with out growing.Bonus (as in optional): Tell us about four things about yourself, one of which isn't true.
1} I am sexy 2} I am a hard worker 3} I am gay 4} I love gardening

http://tmituesday.blogspot.com/ This is from last week

1. 5 useless bits of trivia, that you know, or find interesting. No snow flake is the same, Catacombs, The universe goes on for ever. The depts of the ocean. How the mind wanders.

2. 5 things you did to celibrate easter. Eat, travel,pray,take pictures,family

3] songs stuck in your head, right at the moment your posting this. Head has no song in it,,,just thoughts.

4] 5 pets names, past present. Bingo, Trigger, Sea'bastion, Jowanna, Brandy

5. 5 sounds you hear right now, (if there are 5.) Tv...mine....Tv...{J's} Thunder Wind...sound of putor.

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