Monday, March 10, 2008

Yadda, Weekend update

This weekend flew bye, it seems as we get older they all do. Saturday night we had our first Gala of the season down to the club, Milly and hubby were there so that made it nice. We got home a bit earlier than usual, I had and still have bruised ribs. Not sure how I actually did it, from work or skiing and falling. Sunday morning I awoke at 9am, but it was really 10am...Oh, how I wish I had that extra hour to sleep! Linda called and said she will go to the gym with me at 12pm, she forgot to move her clock too so she was late but we had a great workout session. Then we headed to my other home for tea. Before I knew it, 5pm was here and I still didn't shop for supper, I ended up getting frozen dinners,{ Tonight I shall cook}. I always manage to get sidetracked in what ever I do, which really sucks when I have tons to do. This afternoon I went with Karen out to this house she cleans in hopes of seeing some ghosts. She swears all this weird stuff happens when she is there.......I can see why, there is 2 graves on top of the hill.....a husband and wife that died in 1882. I think they are still there even thou nothing spooky happened while I was there. Then we stopped to check out this old house that has always caught my eye....It is surrounded by trees that have taken up the front yard. The side door was open and we went in side......mold has taken over in a few rooms.....There are signs of rats or mice making nests....We didn't venture up stairs for fear of getting arrested if we were caught.There is a huge barn building on the property that is oval shaped and made with tin or some other metal....No leaks or mold in there, just a very old car from the early days. From looking at all that old stuff we then went to check out new modulars,,,,,dam now I just need money to get them. Speaking of getting, Jenn gave me this great award last week. I need to figure out how to make them,She deserves a special one. For now it is off to the gym.......Happy Trails!!!

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