Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thirteen Items From Adult Party

Thirteen Great Things To Buy At A Pure Romance Party

1} A bed of Roses......2 boxes or more!

2}AurA...{Massage oil}

3} Shimmer: Accents the beauty of your skin

4}Whipped: Creamy Lubricant, tastes as good as it smells, can be used as a all over body massage, or lubricant

5} Vanilla Bondage Kit, Creamy Silk Restraints

6} The Love Swing, fully adjustable sex harness with hundreds of uses.

7} Flipper: A beak-like snout jellied covered bullet

8} Jelly Tool Belt, The number 1 couples toy!

9}Humbelievable, dual action vibrator

10}Pettle pleaser, the best flower from him he can give.

11}Hide A Vibe Pillow, A must have when there could be kids or inlaws around the house.

12} The Executive, a babydoll outfit, that is cute to wear under any dress.

13} The French Maid outfit, Truley the only maid you need to be around the house

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Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said...

The Vanilla Restraints cracked me up.

Nicholas said...

I never get invited to parties like that!