Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crazy Day's

{ I would love a door knocker like this}
Like the title that has been has my last few days have been...emotionally and totally physical..physical in a bad way thou,lol. I have just been pulling like double duty, and with all the time on my own my mind wanders. I have been late these last 2 days getting to my postal job, even thou I can sleep at the other job...I really can't like sleep...I sleep with a monitor 5 inches away from my head and I am in the same room as my patient. This am at 5 to be exact he was sitting at the foot of the bed and some how luckily I awoke. I think he wanted to wake me but yet he either forgot who I was, or where he was and yet he didn't actually know what to do. I awoke smiling as usual and helped him get to the bathroom. Put fresh sheets on the bed, and got him all tucked in. I thought should I stay up or take a 20 minute nap and get back up at 6am. The pillow called and I went.....7:35 I awoke on my own. Having to be to work at 8am,,,,,caused a freakin problem, Yikes! Sucks to be me right about now as my sis, Midgie would put it. I got to work at 8:30am. about 35 minutes. Thank God I don't have to punch a clock....I do have to work faster to make up the time thou. It's like a freakin rat race I swear. Most of the time I feel like a gerbil going through a maze and at the end of the maze there is a nugget of treat you get, of course the nugget doesn't amount to what work you do to get there but yet it is there. I worked extremely hard that I have ever anticipated doing....Got back by my curfew time, along with all the other carriers, and 6 tubs of magazine to put up. And then I am or should I say all of us hear from the Postmaster....{I swear she really is on a freakin ego trip with the title} We need to put up all our mail and get done bye the time she leaves at 5:45. No social time....No need to have fun and goof off. The best part of the day is the end....once you make it back by 5pm, then you can relax and enjoy the job. She wants to take that away- She always says's the Postal service is a job you get no recognition for, Grant it at times it may be true...But you would think Management would see all that we do and be at least a bit human at the end of the day. Dam..I ran on from one thought to the one that made the most negative impact on my life today. Oh well there is the morrow, Thank God for Friday's Feast!! A positive thought!! Happy Trails!!!

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