Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wordless Wensday, With Words

This post is dedicated for Ryan Velting. His link is on the right. He was in a terrible auto accident over the weekend, he is alive and lucky. Go to his site and say a prayer for him, he is lucky to be alive. He was one of the first bloggers I started reading, When I started he was at a low in his life it seemed. He does beautiful photoghraphy which is a passion of mine. His site grew and his luck changed, he was getting tons of hits to his site, and numerous comments. Usually if there is more than 10 comments I stop going, what's the sence of posting mine. With this slow pc it would take for ever for them all to load. { I am now in the process of getting high speed, the order is in and I wait for my thingy to come in the mail.} So after a long time of absence I checked out his site last night, and OMG. If not for some angel watching out for him he might not have been there. Glad he is! Sometimes when we are in a hurry we ignore the conditions of the road or the traffic, our cell phone might ring and you go to grab it and before you know it...You are in a terrible accident or you are gone. Appreciate every moment you have, think and be safe!! Happy Safe Trails!!


Neen said...

WHat a beautiful picture, nice flowers too. I will say a little prayer for him.

Helena said...

Thanks neen!

**"Liza"** said...

those are really pretty flowers..;0
Happy WW! mine is here take a peak if you have time..;)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Ryan is a regular read of mine. I'm just so happy he is on the mend. I have three of his prints on my walls. He is indeed a very talented photographer. What a nice thing to post for WW.

Helena said...

Thanks Sandy!

Ryan Velting said...

Oh you are too Sweet!!!

Thank you for this. Means so much..

Ryan Velting