Monday, January 21, 2008

Thoughts About Gossip

Thank God for holidays where you don't have to work!! Today I was off, hoping to sleep most of the day away, but that wasn't in my stars today. And for that I am glad. My sister Midgie tried to call and get my but out of bed early, 8:30. She won by 9am thou. Right after the wake up call Bobby called me. One thing about big families is when your close your all close, but some that are family either trust the wrong party being married into it, or perhaps the want to see or hear all the bad. Like newspapers that crave on dirty laundry. Me, I wouldn't say anything about you behind your back that I wouldn't say to your face. The same goes for my close friends. And if someone was to say something to me that they felt, no matter how wrong or weird it was I would keep that to my self. A good example of that would be in my small office, we have a person that we all like that comes in from another office. She one day said to Linda, Oh do you wanna know what another worker said today about you....Linda said stop,,,don't go any further, I work hear day in and day out and I don't want to know, and have any ill feelings. That is why she is one of my close friends,,,she thinks like I. The Winning Attitude Award was given awhile back from Jenn but I think it belongs on today's yadda. Gossip is like a devil's tool, it is not put there to do good, only harm. Sorta falls under my category of mean people suck. I believe in doing good, ok every once in a while my halo falls, but not by gossipping. I went yadding on and forgot where I was going,...So Midgie came in and I talked to her about what Bobby said. She spent most of the freakin morning holding back tears the best she could. At times she couldn't. I felt very bad for her. She loves her sister in law's like they were her sisters or close friends. They both have said things to her, that would hurt my brothers.....did she go back to them and tell them what there wives said, NO! But yet they gather together to roast her. It's just a pity that people can be the way they are at times. But I guess that's what makes them who they are.....Humm do I feel a Situation Sunday brewing here,,,,AM I planned to just post jokes!! Happy Trails!!!


jenn said...

You deserve that award!

Helena said...

Thanks Jenn!