Saturday, January 12, 2008

Views from my world

I awoke with a major sinus headache...ugh Ouch! No Tylenol sinus around this shall last till I get to a store. I watched Larry King live this morning, I just love that show. Today he had Susan Summers on it. Ok I am sure I spelled that wrong. She is such a smart lady. I have never before really listened to her, except on Three's Company, where there she played a ditsy blond. She beat breast cancer doing a hormone replacement. If any one gets a chance try to watch that episode of her on Larry King, I am sure it shall be repeated during a more normal hour than 5am. Last night I watched Moon Light, again a great episode and the plot thickens. Soon I predict the female star shall be doing the vampire, lol. Well today is another work day. The last of my week. Tonight one of my BF has a blind date....I hope it goes good for her. She is double dating with her sister. To me that sounds like such fun, I am so close to all my sisters. For her it shall be different....She was never close to her sister and never got to know her till she was 16 years old. Her parents divorced and the sister lived with the father and her with the mother. Her Mom was not the conventional mom and she went to live with her Grandmother. Her sister has been in and out of local jail and spent a few years in prison. Now she has did a complete circle and has changed. I can't wait to hear how this goes. For now I gotta move away from the PC and the TV.....Happy Trails!!!!

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