Monday, January 14, 2008


I realized I put the the same picture up as Saturday!, Dam dementia is settin in. But I still think it is very funny pic. Today was a really busy heavy day for me,,,so looking forward to sleeping in. On my to do list...1} Need to slap the people that come back every week and check out SS and don't have the balls to comment. Wounder what they are scared of,,,,voicing their opinion, or that some one might say wrong answer,,lol that won't happen. There are NO wrong answers. Today was totally too busy for me! I am so glad the next 2 days are meee days! With plans not made. Shall see my MomMa'....Go out to brunch with Midgie. Tried talking her into going to my GYM, but no hot tub there. I am going for a workout not a lounge session, lol sorry. I soaked in the tub @ Bobby's for 10 minutes.....I am set now for 2 weeks. I would love to have a bath tub for soaking and relaxing. It's funny how later in life you want what you used to have.... Twenty years ago I had a Lion claw tub and remodeled the bathroom and hated it then.....I want it back now...too freakin late. Well I still have a comphy bed and shall go chill in that now....Happy Trails!!!!

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