Monday, January 14, 2008

My Weekend...And SS Answers

Here are my answers for Situation Sunday:

1} I would not allow them to dig up or touch the bodies at all. They have been there already a long time, they are rested and hopefully have passed through the light. I might hire a ghost whisper to come in and check it out and if they felt it necessary to move them then I might.

2} If I knew the road very good and could see in the dark I would turn off my lights also, speed up and try to pull a Uie and head back to town...after I aimed straight at them. Hopefully that might make them go off the road.


My weekend was great! After work on Saturday I ran home and packed up. I as always took a lot of stuff....3 pillows, blanket, sheets. I am sure you get the picture....The only thing I forgot was my Lipitor. I picked up my nephews and we headed to the bank first...Moola helps! Hit the Movie rental place, the grocery store and a few other stores.....Back to their place and we all prepared supper. RJ helped me peal all the Jumbo shrimp for scampi. Johnathan made a salad. RJ cooked the pasta and I was in charge of the Scampi part. RJ folded our napkins so cute. We then watched a nice family movie of a Sociopath killer. I forget the name of it it was great thou. The boys cleaned up and we went to sleep after 12am. I had a restless sleep and awoke at 3 am.....had a glass of wine and back to bed till 10:30am. We then watched Scary Movie #4 and a nice Zombie movie. We had a great time. Today we have snow falling and I need to get moving and become postal......Happy Trails!!!!


jenn said...

Sounds like you had a good weekend!

Helena said...

I did Jenn, I am sure you did too. I sorta felt like I was doing the Mommy thing with two excellent kids. I am a very lucky Aunt!!