Monday, January 28, 2008

My weekend up date

Yesterday, when we awoke..I packed up for my overnight trip to Newport, RI. It was scary going, we ran into some wintery weather mix. I dread traffic, but even more so when it is like that. I kept telling {J} to go slow. I don't care how long it takes to get there, told him the story about Ryan. All he says is "be quiet, you make it worse." Well I think going slower is in order, I don't care if the roads just look wet. Well it did take us a tad bit longer to get there but not by much. We checked in, did a little shopping and {J} dropped me of at the casino for a hour. From the picture you can tell I won!! Yippie me. We went back to the hotel and ordered dinner from Apple bee's. I got something off the children's menu for Bingo. Our meal was great. We stayed at Howard Johnson's, which is connected to the restaurant. I think all in all it is over a mile in the building to get there. It was 456 steps from my room to the office, with another 50 steps to Applebee's. This am I awoke,,took the 456 steps for coffeee and back to the room. I decided to go to the gym, and then swim and soak in the hot tub for a bit. There was a older couple swimming, so I thought ok don't mind sharing after my work out. When I went to the pool it was: take your 1-4 year to swimming lessons. There was 4 babies learning to swim. Two with the loadest vocal chords I ever heard. But all in all it was fun. We arrived home at 3;30 anf I went right to bed for my nap. Tonight I do 9pm-9am shift, taking care of a new patient....Wish me luck! Happy Trails!!

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